UN Voters Education Seminars a great success so far

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On Friday, 24.09.2010, the UNDP sponsored Voters Educational Seminar held and organized by LVDC took place at Musoma Cultural Centre. This was in fact the 5th out of 10 Seminars to be given in the whole Mara Region and so far the feedback has been utterly positive, this not only visible in the number of people with disabilities attending but also in the vivacity of the discussions arising during question time after the actual presentation. Attendees of these seminars are informed of their rights as people with disabilities during national campaigns and elections. This done with the means of a media presentation (c.f. picture to the right) and the distribution of booklets printed by the UN.

Since the matters discussed are personal and life-affecting, the participants so far have been very involved and interested. This is certainly also due to the approaching national elections at the end of October.

LVDC hopes to continue on this road of success in order to reach many people in Mara region.

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