Rona’s week at Tunaweza

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Hello again everybody! I have just returned from a fantastic couple of days at Tunaweza Disability Centre in Mwanza.

LVDC and Tunaweza both recently decided that it would be nice idea to exchange the knowledge of our various specialisms with one another. Therefore, last week I was nominated to visit Tunaweza to learn the art of paper-making and shortly, we shall be expecting a staff member from over there to visit us for a week to learn about the process of screen-printing.

The staff and students at Tunaweza were all very kind and welcoming, and took the time to teach me every step required to make my very own paper. It was a wonderful week and I learnt a lot, not only with regards to paper-making – but also of how other disability centres are run. Now I am back, I am very excited to share my new found skills with the staff and students here at LVDC!

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