LVDC says Goodbye to our volunteers Ros and Melanie!

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We said goodbye to our 2 volunteers: Melanie from Germany who has been with us for 7 months, and Rosalind from Scotland who has been at the Centre for 2 months. Both are flying back to their homes on Wednesday. We are very sad to see them go as they have been of great help to us over the last few months.

Melanie has helped us obtain enough funds to keep the Sunday Sign Language Classes running for the next 6 months, as well as look for funding elsewhere for our new site and much much more.  She has also helped with our seminars on Voters Rights and with all our applications to assist many with small business ventures within Mara. We wish her all the best success with the completion of her university course specializing in sign language communication.

Ros has helped to restructure our teaching curriculum throughout the Centre in order to improve the children’s reading and writing capabilities. In addition she has also helped to inspire products for our new shop due to open soon, and refurbish the screen printing department to fulfill the work needed for the future and any future contracts.

We wish both every success in the future and thank them so much for their much needed contribution. We hope we will have more volunteers in the future who will be just as inspiring and hard working as these two. Thank you Melanie and Ros!!

Safari njema!!

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