LVDC go to the Serengeti

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Everyone at LVDC we’re very lucky this week to be able to go and enjoy a trip to the Serengeti! All of the staff, students and volunteers squeezed into the mini bus on Monday to start the journey to the Serengeti gate. At the Ndabaka gate we stopped for a quick refreshment and a mischievous monkey tried to get on the bus to share our biscuits! As we entered into the Serengeti we were welcomed by Zebras, Antelopes, Giraffes and many more animals. The students were amazed to see the animals so close and to observe them rather than see them from a photograph. We ate our lunch, which had been prepared the day before, among the wildlife. As we entered deeper into the Serengeti we saw Hippopotamuses, Buffalo and even a Cheetah with her cubs going on a hunt! As dusk began to fall we headed to our accommodation, a student hostel, where we began to cook our evening meal. As we settled in to bed we where startled by the roar of a nearby Lioness and other nocturnal creatures.

The next morning we woke up before sunrise so that we could pack the mini bus and leave early to see the animals doing their morning grazing. The guide explained about the different animals which was translated by David (the woodwork teacher) into sign language! The students enjoyed learning about the Serengeti and its diverse wildlife. By late morning we reached the Hippo pool where we were able to leave the car and observe the Hippos close up and we even spotted a lazy crocodile on the lake shore! We then headed back out of the Serengeti to make our way home, we stopped on the way for a picnic under a big tree. When we arrived back at LVDC everyone was tired but where in good spirits after a fantastic two days in the Serengeti, something that we all will never forget!

We all here at LVDC would like to thank Geraldine Mckay and Lisneal College, she kindly fundraised the money for the trip. ASANTE SANA from all of us!

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