New volunteer at LVDC

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Hello everyone, my name is Ros, from Edinburgh, Scotland, and I’m a new volunteer here at LVDC till the end of March. I join Melanie Bartz, from Germany, who has also been volunteering at the Centre for the last 6 months.

It’s been a very busy first week for me as we’ve been writing away to several organizations to raise funds for the new site planned for LVDC just outside Musoma town. This new site will be able to accommodate students with disabilities for the whole of the Mara Region of Tanzania so we are very keen to get it started as soon as possible.

My main role here for the next few weeks is to work on this website and help Bob in the drawing and screen-printing department. So please look out for the new developments on the site to come!

Thank you for all your messages and comments on the site and your continuous support. You’ll be hearing again from me very shortly!


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