Here at LVDC we train students in a variety of subjects depending on their ability and interests. Students learn entrepreneurship skills and on graduation each student receives a business start-up kit with essential tools and materials to help them start their own business with the practical skills they’ve learned. Subject taught are listed below, click on them for more information:

Our students are taught a wide variety of skills in the wood workshop. The photos below show a few of the boys making a table for a local school. The centre often receives commissions from local institutions, giving students practical experience as well as providing a small income for the centre.

David Chirmi is our Woodwork Teacher. He is a highly skilled craftsman with over 20 years experience and is also fluent in Tanzanian Sign Language.

Students working well together as a team

Abdu at work

A key role of the centre is the production of mobility aids, such as wheel chairs and tricycles. As the only producer in the area this production is essential in order to provide the community of people with disabilities with mobility and independence. As well as general welding skills, the students are taught how to fabricate tricycles. Last year LVDC produced over 50 tricycles.

Stephano Matoke is our Metalwork Teacher. He is very skilled and has a Craft Certificate from USA River Training and Rehabilitation Centre.

Mgose at work

A batch of new tricycles

Josephus trying out his new tricycle

The dressmaking & knitting department is one of our busiest. The students are taught how to make traditional Tanzanian outfits as well as uniforms for schools, knitted jumpers and bags and accessories to sell in our shop.

Noela Thobias is our Sewing Teacher, and is also fluent in Tanzanian Sign Language.

Students working at their sewing machines

Nyembamba knitting

The centre teaches screen-printing and art to encourage creative activities, as mainstream Tanzanian education does not include expressive arts in the syllabus. Drawings from the art workshops gets turned into artwork and screenprinted onto T-shirts. Commissions, for example from local schools for branded uniforms, also provide a good source of income for the centre.

Gabriel Mashauri (aka Bob Chii) is our Screenprinting and Drawing Teacher. He comes from a signage and printing background, and is very technically able within his field.

[caption id="attachment_1110" align="alignnone" width="340"] Students show off thier new designs[/caption]

Students show off their new designs

[caption id="attachment_1111" align="alignnone" width="340"] Bob hangs a new print up to dry[/caption]

Bob hangs a new print up to dry

Every Sunday LVDC teaches Sign language to over 70 deaf students, their friends and families and local service providers. Through teaching Sign language the centre has been able to educate the students about wider issues such as HIV/AIDS, life skills and sex education, and enable integration with peers and family.

David teaching some Sign Language students

Sign Language students learning some new signs

Many of our students lack basic numeracy and literacy skills due to lack of appropriate primary education. We have recently built a classroom where students are taught basic skills in number, reading and writing.