Over the years LVDC has grown to offer a variety of additional programmes to support people with disabilities. If LVDC is approached by someone seeking help we will try to accommodate them in any way possible. We will refer people for appropriate medical assistance, encourage mainstream schools to accept disabled students who have the capabilities, organise job placements, and train students in a skill at home if they are unable to travel to our centre. We have received funding from individual donors as well as large charity agencies to run a variety of outreach programmes. We are extremely grateful to all our donors and sponsors who have made these possible. Below are some examples.

Radio Programmes and seminars
The Foundation for Civil Society has suppored LVDC in a one year capacity building programme to educate the people of Mara on the rights of people with disabilities. This includes a one year year radio broadcasing programme and educational seminars in various places within the Mara region of Tanzania.

UN funded workshops
Thanks to funding from the UN we were able to hold a number of seminars during the 2011 elections to educate people with disabilities on their rights and entitlements.


Bertha, Chacha and Willy
Thanks to a number of donations we were able to take Chacha and Bertha to the ophthalmic consultant and Willy to the Ear, nose and throat specialist in Kikuyu Hospital, Nairobi. Bertha was successfully treated and some vision was restored. Unfortunately the procedure for Chacha is more complicated and was unable to be undertaken in Nairobi. Willy has an untreated cleft palate. Surgery is possible but due to his age will be expensive. LVDC hope to secure funds for this in the future.

LVDC try to improve the daily living conditions of people with disabilities. Emmanuel has severe learning disabilities and has never attanded school. LVDC had a wheelchair produced for him and a ramp built into his house. With the support of his family Emmanuel was given a variety of activities to help with communication.

Emmanuel enjoying art classes

Pre-school group
Considering the importance of early education and intervention in the development of a pre-school child, and in particular a child with a disability, we set up a small-scale pre-school group. Due to lack of financial resources we were unable to develop it further but hope to re-introduce this progamme in the future.

Art class