Lake Victoria Disability Centre from Jane Stockdale on Vimeo.

Aims and Objectives

• To provide access to vocational skills for disadvantaged young people

• To teach deaf youths and their parents sign language

• To increasing self-esteem, confidence and communication for young people with disabilities

• To support the wider community of people with disabilities of Mara with a safe place to visit and seek support such as medical referrals, mobility aid production, information on their rights and entitlements.


LVDC staff and students

Why we do it?

According to the World Health Organisation, 10% of the population of Tanzania are disabled. This is due to a number of factors such as poor health conditions, a lack of treatment for polio, malaria and meningitis, mishandling at birth, traditional practices and gender inequality. There are very few medical and rehabilitation services in place for people with disabilities – in the Mara region with a population of over a million, there is only 1 physiotherapist, 85% of the disabled population in Mara are unable to access education beyond primary school, 50% of whom have not attended school at all. The centre not only teaches essential life skills such as sign language and vocational skills but also works to change perceptions of disability.